Cameron Luck is a Senior Design Manager at Google with an affinity for prototyping, research, and interaction design

who believes in changing the world one interaction at a time

Amazon Care

Healthcare for everyone in 60 seconds or less.

Amazon Care is a healthcare application aiming to lower the cost and complications associated with healthcare. 

Amazon Care is a benefit being piloted for Amazon employees and their families in the Seattle area.

Amazon Care


High fashion. Low prices.

MyHabit was a small flash sales  application launched by Amazon as a way to test their hand in the fashion industry. With over 7 million users, MyHabit established itself as a niche event-based shopping experience within the fashion industry.

As the years went by, MyHabit expanded from its original goals and lost its identity in the shuffle, making the app less effective and less profitable than it could've been - warranting the necessity for an overhaul of the entire experience.

MyHabit – Browse Bar


Your portable cash register.

ExpressPay is a native iOS app created to help reduce long lines and lengthy wait times in brick and mortar stores. Cashiers could become mobile by utilizing this app to quickly check out customers with 10 or less items from anywhere within the store. 


Shift Track & Shift Sync

Shift management for managers and employees

Shift Track & Shift Sync are native iOS apps that were designed to make schedule changes quick and easy. Employees are able to make shift swaps easily via the ShiftSync app for iPhone and Apple Watch while managers can view and manage their employees time and schedules via the ShirtTrack iPad app in realtime.

This set of apps eliminates the need for employees and managers to use strings of calls and text messages or visits to the store to communicate their availability to one another for simple schedule changes.

Shift Sync – home
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